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Elegant Pixie Bob Haircut

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Elegant Pixie Bob Haircut  – It is like stigma since hundred years ago that women are often associated by long hair. Moreover, long hairs in many cultures are known as the symbol of beauty and even virginity mainly for them who were single as well. Based on that fact, we can just conclude that long hair is really important and high so that the ancient women have a duty to keep it well. Not only was it applied many years ago, long hairstyles are now still being a trend and favorite for many people. Yes, we cannot deny that such a hairstyle is perfectly accentuating the sense of feminine and elegant for everybody who already has it. But of course, it doesn’t mean that the shorter one is not good at all. There are now even so many women then to choose short and bob hairstyles like pixie to support their daily appearance. Of course, this phenomenon is also supported by the fact that modern tradition doesn’t limit the women to express their feeling and ideas including them which are related to the hairstyles. One of the short hairstyles which are now already popular is the Pixie Bob haircut. If you want to know more about it, you can just continue your reading.

pixie bob haircut

pixie bob haircut for oval face

The Ways of Making Pixie Bob Haircut

Actually, it is not a must for you to know how you can cut off your hair for bob pixie haircut. but of course, if you are interested in it, you should pay attention to several thongs so that this hairstyle can be well-applied. Overall, you should not need to have a “perfect” face for applying this type of hairstyles.

pixie bob haircut with bangs

You can even select whether the pixie you want to use is really pixie or probably rather longer. If you prefer the sense of modern and futuristic, you can just play with asymmetric accent. But if you prefer being simple, you can just select the classic pixie in which your hair is just being combed as neat as possible. To give more touch of bob pixie, it is really suggested to you to use something like gel or hair serum to make it shinier.

pixie bob haircut short hair

2013 pixie bob haircut

Another idea to touch up this type of hairstyles is by playing with colors. You can actually maintain your hair natural color as well but if you want to look different, such highlight is really cool anyway. well, if your hair color is light enough like blonde, additional highlight like brunette can be a good option and it can be done when you already have dark hair color in which you can just put on lighter hair color.

pixie bob haircuts for women

pixie bob haircut styles

 The Benefits of Applying Pixie Bob Haircut

Well, there is no other reason why people prefer selecting such bob pixie hairstyles; it is mainly about the practice and simple. You even don’t need to spend more time just for standing up in front of the mirror to arrange your hair with bun or ponytail. Besides, it is not a must also for you to do more treatments in the salon.

short pixie bob haircuts

pixie bob haircut short hair

pixie bob haircut round face

pixie bob haircut for oval face

pixie bob haircut back view

pixie bob haircut 2013

curly pixie bob haircut

So, are you interested in applying pixie bob haircut?

12 Photos of the Elegant Pixie Bob Haircut

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